Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dear Atlanta,

Okay, we finally get it....
you're pissed with us.

Maybe a few of us, ahem, have complained
one too many times about your hot and humid summers
and the lack of relief from above

 ungrateful Atlantans
you must have been muffling under your breath

you had enough
so you decided, several weeks ago, to pack your bags 
 and take the sun and blue skies with you
leaving behind the most dismal grey skies and unrelenting rains
you could muster up

well, we've been punished enough already
we didn't even get to see any fireworks shows on Thursday
they were all canceled 
thanks to you and your absence

you've done good, we got the point!

we apologize from the bottom of our hearts

we want you back
we need you back
we miss you!
 and everything 
that comes with our great Atlanta summers

and leave the rain for Seattle!

and a few other Atlantans


  1. Are you in Atlanta? I live in Kennesaw. Beautiful photo ...what is the name of the flower? Love your processing.

  2. ha ha. i'd take some of that rain here in texas!

  3. I'm glad to hear the water reservoirs have filled back up! Sounded like a scary situation when they were so low and water was being rationed.

  4. I'd be glad to share some our hot, hazy and humid weather with you...because we Philly folk ARE known for being nice like that :)

  5. Rain is better than a drought?

    Lovely lovely shots.

  6. So poetic...
    So lovely....


  7. Gorgeous photos, Jill.

    Seems like parts are getting way to much rain and the rest of us aren't getting any. Mother Nature needs to spread it out a bit.


  8. Wonderfull rainy pictures!!
    Hope the sun is soon coming back to Atlanta.

  9. I think you have to wait a little bit longer for the sun to return to Atlanta, beacause at this moment summer has finally come to Holland ;)

    Beautiful captures, the first one is even stunning!

  10. Give me sunshine any time

  11. sorry you've been rained upon ... we here in NYC are feeling baked .. but we'll be getting wet soon enough .. beautiful photos nonetheless

  12. We've had summers of no rain and summers where it rained every single dang day. I'll be honest - I prefer the 'no rain' summers - but I'm grateful we're having a summer with a few scattered showers here and there. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  13. Seems like it's either feast or famine these days -- I do hope the sun comes out for you soon!

  14. In your misery, you gave me a chuckle, and you found such beauty in the rain.

  15. What a bummer about the fireworks. That first shot is really interesting. Poor petunia's they seem so sad and droopy. Hope your skies clear up soon.

  16. What is with the weather this summer? It's been all heat and humidity here - but I'm with you - I need the sunshine. I'll take it however I can get it. Here's hoping some sunshine is headed your way!

  17. That top photo is wonderful. Here in Michigan it's been raining regularly since winter and the water in the lakes are higher than they've been in years and the rivers are brown and the mosquitoes terrible.

  18. Well it's raining here too -- but nothing like what your experiencing - So I'll be thinking sun shine for ya too...
    My favorite photo today is number 3 like the water drops and it shows that the poor flower has had way to much rain. Number 1 photo has a cool look to it that I like also... ALl your photos are always super stunning and you have a great eye in capturing them.. Keep safe..

  19. No rain in North Germany ... but grey and too cold for a good summer day. Love all 3 works !!

    hugs from

  20. gorgeous photos as usual, jill! please, oh please! send us your rain! we are dry as dirt over here in arkansas!

  21. Seattle (and NW Washington) have been without rain for three weeks now - we barely know what to do with that big yellow shiny ball in the sky - it is warm, so it must be a nice big yellow shiny ball in the sky. Late last night we had a fine sprinkling of rain - just a mist really, and it smelled so good! We do love our rain out here, but we are enjoying the blue skies and sunny weather. Hope yours improves soon.

  22. Hey send it this way- we are near to drought again- and it's just awful...wishing dryer days for you.


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