Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Garden Party #3 *Garden Aromas*

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Hello Garden Lovers!

We're back again after a brief break
and I hope you've accumulated a few garden delights to share.
I, unfortunately, have been too busy traveling and having fun,
so I can only show you one garden delight today for this week's theme of....


Right now we have Confederate Jasmine in full bloom in our backyard.
Upon walking out the back door, waves of sweetness waft through the spring air
bringing instant joy to the senses.

Next in line will be our backyard gardenias
which tend to bloom just as the jasmine fades away.

So, from the end of May through the middle of June
our backyard garden delights us with sweet aromas.

Are you enjoying any sweet outdoor aromas yet?

Come share your garden delights....
The Garden Gates will be open now thru Sunday evening! 


  1. Oh the scent of Jasmine - I had night blooming Jasmine outside a kitchen window one time - it doesn't grow here so I have to be happy with lilacs - and I'm very happy.

  2. Our neighbor has Confederate jasmine along his fence and it is heavenly! Our gardenias began blooming in early May. We planted it last year and it didn't do well, but it's looking promising so far! Your flower is so pretty!

  3. Lovely close up of the white flower. Is it Jasmine? Margaret

  4. Well, I'm enjoying seeing and thinking about your garden - mine remains under snow.

  5. Thanks for the party, and to answer your question: the epiphyllium or queen of the night is a cactus and a perennial.

  6. That is beautifully captured. I love the shallow depth of field and the grungy treatment you have given the photo. Gives a feeling of former times. Very nice.

  7. I love jasmine! Beautiful processing on your image...and I finally made it to the garden party!!!

  8. Lilacs and old fashion roses give me such sweet aromas. Too bad neither stick around very long with their sweet perfume.

  9. oh my nose is twitching happily
    as it remembers the smells you describe so well;
    thanks for sending it down a sweet lush path tonight:)

  10. Mmmm! What fragrance and beauty!

  11. What a beautiful flower this is, Jill, and I love your processing on it!

  12. What a lovely shot. The lilacs are in full bloom here and smell gorgeous.

  13. i can almost smell that lovely jasmine (makes me think of that song from the early '70's). right now, we have magnolias blooming on our tree and all the roses are in bloom. i think june is the best smelling month of the year. ; )

  14. Aren't the fragrances of the South just pure heaven? I have never lived in such a fragrant state such as South Carolina and I am sure you have the same flowers!

    (yes the little baby's collarbone is on the mend! Thank goodness!)

    Have a wonderful week-end!


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