Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Garden Party #2

Welcome to our second Garden Party!

Last week's attendance was a bit weak
but that's okay since it was our first party

I'm sure this week will bring in many more beautiful delights for all of us to enjoy!
I'm counting on ya!

All garden delights are welcome
but for those of you who like prompts
this week's garden theme is...
 I'll be taking a break next week due to the Memorial Day Weekend and vacationing,
so our next Weekend Garden Party will be starting Friday, May 31st!

click here if you would like to see the upcoming garden themes

You may submit up to two of your favorite garden posts that you've posted throughout the week!

Here's a bit of garden greenery from my own garden....

Ferns are a staple in our shaded back garden.
The one above, which is surrounded by phlox (past its bloomtime),
 is one of several around our yard that was never planted
but just "popped" up.

This delightful perennial is called Jacob's Ladder
which spreads a little further along our garden path each year.
A couple of weeks ago there were delicate little flowers hanging along each stalk.
If you look closely you'll see the spent red stems.

These are my favorite ~ Autumn Ferns.
This variety lives throughout the winters here in the South.
The sun kisses them with coppery lipstick
which makes them stand out over the rest.

Did you know those dotted growths on the underside of fronds
are spores and you can easily propagate them?

Greenery with promises of color to come
Above - Hydrangea
Below - Stella d'Oro Daylilies

there's much more in the way of greenery in our garden

but, now let's take a peek 
and see what's happening this week 
behind your garden gates....

Garden Gates will be open Friday mornings through midnight on Sundays!


  1. I need to go back and edit yesterday's post to throw in a flower. I love those spores on the back of the ferns. Makes for a very striking photo!

  2. the ferns are beautiful - don't see them here.

  3. Hi Jill, such a beautiful greens you have in your garden! The frons with their spores are beautiful - they can grow so high in the nature, reminding a bit about jungle :) Your last picture is so poetic - I cone to think the surrounding from the book "Wind in the willows". Enjoy your vacation & come back with many new photos :)

  4. Wow wee -- I want to come and stay in your garden -- can I Please O please -- Lovey photo images --my favorite is #5.. For me this weekend garden part was a tough one for me but I found something that captured greenery.. hope you like it.. Hugs

  5. Gorgeous....and a delightful idea!! A Garden Party..I will do my hat and join in,

  6. Darn, I don't have any garden pics to post as my garden is mostly weeds at this point. Hubby is promising some weeding and mulching this weekend, though but the weather isn't looking too promising. I can't this year because of my ongoing back issue or it would have already been done! ;) Beautiful pics of your garden. xo Sorry I have been MIA...slammed recently. o_O Missed you!

  7. I can't remember the last time I did a blog link, so I made up for it and added two :) This time of year is so pregnant with blossoms, it was fun seeing everyones bounty. I adore your spotted fern.

  8. We're just starting to get some blooms up here. I love your shot of the Autumn ferns with the sunlight peeking through - so very pretty!

  9. Buenas imágenes....un abrazo desde Murcia

  10. Lovely pics, Jill. Thanks for hosting this, beautiful!!

  11. okay, I added my capture for this weekend garden party -- thanks for reminding me.. Now I am off to view the others.. Again your images are beautiful -- still love #5..

  12. Beautiful, beautiful photos! : )

  13. Jill, your garden really shows promise of some beautiful blossoms...even the greenery is just perfect!

  14. Greetings from sunny Warsaw. Have a look at my new photos.

  15. Well, I don't even remember last Friday! Sigh. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next week... (love yours!)

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