Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing Weekend Garden Parties!

Hi all!
Here I am again
with a fresh new meme
to replace Creative License Friday

I had so much fun with CLF
that when it ended
I felt an little emptiness
that needed refilling.

So, I gave a good spin to the old wheel of creativity
and as it clicked, clicked, clicked away
I was hoping it would fall on something
as fun as, if not more, than CLF

and the wheel came to a halt on....

a weekly get-together 
where we get to leisurely stroll around various gardens
be it our own, neighbors or public gardens
sipping lemonade and chatting
as we show off our current garden delights.

Garden Party Themes
will be offered each week, but only as a prompt.
All garden delights are welcome to the parties
so don't let a theme make you feel pressured.

To check out this week's theme and upcoming themes
just go to the GARDEN PARTIES page (above).
(this week's is pretty much a no-brainer!)

feel free to grab the above graphic if you so choose
and bring along some friends!

now, let's take a peek 
and see what's happening this week 
behind the garden gates....

Garden Gates will be open Friday mornings through midnight on Sundays!


  1. This should be fun! Especially with spring finally exploding everywhere. I already had my post scheduled for today so I will hopefully remember to link in next week.

  2. sounds like a great meme. will check back in to join later.

  3. oh fun, i will join you when i get back from Paris!

  4. This is a great idea - thanks for starting it for us.

  5. I have added your meme to my Meme-Aholics blog. A link here will appear in each Friday post.

  6. Such a lovely meme for this season, Jill! I look forward of joining your creative Weekly Garden Parties! Nina

  7. Ah, dang it. I was about to link up because here it's 11:50, but I forgot you're an hour or so ahead of me! Sigh. I'll try again next week!


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