Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Vent

How about a few vents to clear the air and start the week....

Vent #1
Darn Google Reader.
 I'm mad at you.'re okay, but I miss my buddy.

Vent #2
Darn lens caps.
I've lost two in the same amount of weeks.
I knew it would happen one day.

 Vent #3
Darn Bedding Companies
Make your sheets and pillow cases bigger!

Vent #4
Darn telemarketers.
They're getting too sneaky.
Started receiving repeated recorded calls with my name snuck in there.
I won't give in.
I'm not pressing 1.

 Vent #5
 Darn Pollen
Everything's yellow.


Got Vents?
Join in!
( open all week )


  1. i bobbled a bit with feedly the first couple of days; now it is smooth sailing. google reader - who? :)

    fitted sheet makers - could you PLEASE mark the top and bottom with a different strip of color or something so i wouldn't have to continually put the right corner on the wrong bed corner?

    dear allergies - you really don't have to get worse every year.

    dear stinky wet 115 lb. lab sitting behind me on my office carpet - you're gonna have to go back outside real soon...

  2. Haha! Great idea! I don't get any of those feeds...maybe I should?
    SHEETS! OMG, Don't get me started.
    Lens caps, oh lens caps, where art thou, lens caps? Lost one this week too.


  3. Clever and creative processing. Love seeing all of the different effects.

  4. so tickled at your cleverness i can't think
    of a single thing to vent:)
    really cool post,

  5. pesky snow that keeps on falling ...

  6. Love this!
    Google Reader stopped working for me a couple of years ago, and I could not find a fix/explanation.
    I LOVE Feedly!

  7. I agree wholeheartedly about that darned yellow pollen. It's so bad this year that I'm having to get allergy shots for the first time since I was little. Darned pollen.

    Let me add one more vent: darned snakes that have finally woken up this spring! I saw a huge one along my favorite running trail this morning. Guess I'll just have to run somewhere else till winter comes back again. ; )

  8. Girl, you keep us going.....but you don't want to start me venting....There's not enough internet space for me to cover it all....Seriously, I am just trying to let it go.....that's today...on another day I may let it fly and I will email you....

  9. No venting here - although I liked what you did to yours!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. love these and the 'venting' that went with ....

  11. I can relate to all your vents! Especially Feedly. Ugh. I want Google Reader back, dadgummit! Now that you're done venting, I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  12. And right on cue, when I went back to Feedly after this comment, it crashed. Again. *sigh* Just had to come back here and vent!

  13. Great post - right now I've got nothing to vent about. Hope your week gets happier.

  14. Your vent looks fuzzy...clean the thing out!! haha


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