Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cruising Part Deux

As we continue our cruise from yesterday
let's see what else we can find....

Keep your eyes and ears open!
Quick....look off to your left

A couple of coots....look at those feet!

Last one in's a rotten egg!

Come on in Sam....the water's great!

Movin' on....

What's going on over there to your right?

Look's like someone's standing guard....I think I can see a head sticking out over in the rocks...how about you?

yep...there's mama back in there and daddy's making sure she's safe!

Ahh...now we can really see her!

Let's leave her alone before Dad decides to get chivalrous.

As we tootle along....

Would you look at that... a family reunion!

Well, that's it for our first cruise of the season....hope you enjoyed the sights!

Feathered Portraits #14
The Canadian Goose
The American Coot

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  1. just love those coot shots!! so cool!

  2. Those Coots have BIG feet! I've certainly enjoyed cruising with you!

  3. Great photos of the Coot and Geese. I especially like the third photo with the coot on the water - interesting colors and patterns on the water.

  4. Gotta love that jumping coot! Nice catches on your first trip on the water for the season.

  5. Wonderful photos - I love the shot of the coot going into the water - I didn't know it was possible to get a great looking photo of a coot. The wings are amazing. Great shots of the geese too.

  6. I read somewhere in my bird guide book that those feet [Coot] are so they can adapt to walking on TOP of marshy grasses and reed. Great images.

    BAD 'Hair' DAY

  7. Those feet are so ugly they're cute, lol! Great pictures from your first cruise! May there be many, many more this season!

  8. You were quick off the mark there in getting shots of a Coot in flight. Super picture.

  9. i had never seen a coot before, i live with an old coot but he looks a lot different .. ;)

  10. That was a fun first cruise of the season....great captures of the coots but I have to tell you they do have some ugly feet....They would do fine in the snow, uh?

  11. Very cool photos of the coots. I have never seen them on land, only in the water...so I'm a tad jealous. :)

  12. The coot in flight is awesome! Thank you for taking me/us along on your cruise. It was fun!

  13. The coot is very interesting with such big feet.

  14. I love the Coots and your pictures are wonderful. It isn't often that you can get a good shot of those Big Feet! We will soon have large flocks of them coming through as they migrate north. They are so much fun to watch in the water ... very comical birds. I love the geese too ... we see them all of the time so tend not to be so impressed, but I am always reminded of what beautiful and family oriented birds they are and then I see them in a different light again. Thank you for this cruise ... enjoyed every minute ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  15. Thank you for sharing your cruise! Great images. I love Coots and their feet.

  16. Fantastic images! I too love the images of the Coots as I don't think I've ever seen one before. Thanks for sharing your cruise!

  17. Coots do have very large feet - very short tempers and (if I can be so brave) very small brains!!

    Nice pictures.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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