Friday, April 26, 2013

CLF Artist Box #8

Thank you, Tracey, for such a wonderful image to play in the Artist Box with, this week....

I had a blast!

I had never worked on a cityscape before,
and I have to admit, I felt a bit intimidated at first,
not really knowing how to bring out the best of all the elements
but then this idea popped into my head...

I thought...
What if I layered several different blending modes on top of one another?
I had never tried that before.

So, I played around with all the different blending modes in PSE
and ended up using the following threesome: 
Screen, Multipy and Linear Light
Then, I adjusted the percentages until I was satisfied with the look.

Next, I added a texture called " Green Apple" (creator unknown) 
to bring out the green in the water and masked everything else out.

My next layer was a solid blue (normal blending mode at 17%) that I added to the sky
plus another image I had in my own archives, of clouds.

I added another layer to lighten up some areas I wasn't happy with
by using a white brush in the soft light blending mode.

I, then, topped the composition off with a black and white text banner
at 54% hard light...


V O I L A !


Come play along!
Just click the image below....


  1. My first thought was to add a sky too! I like the green of the water and it seems the architecture has more definition now. Very nice!

  2. Noticeable difference. The river looks like St. Paddy's Day dying of the river. Did you shoot the original? I like the look of the Trump Tower but don't care for the name.

  3. Oh wow - you really made Chicago come alive! The green almost looks like the dye they put in it for St Patrick's (oops - I see Bill mentioned the same thing). I love Chicago and your photo brings out its vibrance!

  4. Outstanding, Jill! My eyes keep returning to the green river -it!s lovely! The buildings seem talker in your picture, you're really made a big change!

  5. Jill, I love what you did with this photograph....It's stunning.....I started to go in this same direction but something caught my eye about the glass building and I worked from there out....You did a great job sweet girl....

  6. Yes, see the difference very noticeable..and I love it.. very crisp image!Now I am off to go play with this fun photo image..

  7. I am sending you all my vacation pics to make look that good.


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