Friday, April 12, 2013

CLF Artist Box #6

gave us this image of a windmill to edit this week for CLF.
With loads of negative space, the possibilities were wide open.
Thank you, SueAnn, for sharing your lovely image this week!

With this first edit,
I added a layer of sunshine from Anna's Textures.
Then, I played with the coloring which ended up giving a cross-processing feel to it.

Since I tend to like compositions that are not symmetrical,
I decided, on this second edit, to crop it down and place the subject off-center.
I had thought by only cropping it vertically I would not have lost too many pixels,
but unfortunately, I did, as you can tell by the final size.
When I tried to increase the image size, it became pixelated.
I also texturized and desaturated the image to give the text extra vibrancy.

The following mosaic is a tribute to SueAnn
because I know how much she loves artsy images!

just sit back for a few minutes
and be entertained by one of my favorite artists ~ Sting
accompanied by some very sensual and artistic graphics

To view more creative edits and play in the "Artist Box"
just click the pic....


  1. Very interesting. It's fun to see the changes here and know exactly how you work your magic! Awesome!

  2. Oh my oh my oh my!!! Jill, your work is utterly magnificent and inspiring!!!

  3. Oh I love all these edits, so clever. I forgot to join in the other week but will definitely do so.

  4. Wow, impressed with what your edits! The off-center one in b&w with the colored lettering is my fave. Honestly, I would not have thought to do that. Way to go!

  5. I find it's a challenge to make photos balance when they're really not but it works here. I like your artsy takes. I should do those sometimes.

    have a sweet day.

  6. Very inspiring editing, now I hope I can think of something creative too.

  7. I just love your much creativity! Good job and thanks for the song!

  8. Hi Jill,

    So glad you liked it, so here's the link where I got Vertical panel effect

    It easier than HDR effect :)

  9. Beautiful treatment of the windmill photo, and such a cool video!

  10. Very cool, Jill. One of these days, I'm going to have the time to play around with these. I had a good idea for this one but not too much know-how and even less time with which to learn. Still, I'm enjoying seeing what everyone can do with them.

  11. Oh! I love the sunray texture on the first edit! Going to check out the link! Also, love the second edit's creativity!

  12. Jill, these are wonderful!
    This one must have been lots of fun to edit.
    I especially like the first one.

    Happy Sunday to you!

  13. Now talk about a perfect editing job --yours hit the top in my view.. Love it Love it!! oh amazing video!!

  14. Wow! These all turned out beautifully! I especially like the last ones with the pop-art look, and the second one is so skillfully done. The first one turned out dreamy : )
    Thank you for the music, it reminds me of the songs from the James Bond movies.

  15. The warm, Aqua-like colors in your frist edition are so warm and vintage-like - and the sun rays add an atmosphere of a hot summer day - lovely! The colorful poster-like-edits are so fresh and energetic - would like to see them the first thing in the morning, that might get me going :)


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