Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing in the Artist Box #3

I'm back from my mini vacation in Florida 
where the sun didn't shine quite as much,
nor did the temps get quite as warm as I would have liked,
but it was a nice getaway, nonetheless.

My mom is now visiting for a week
therefore, my presence in blogland will still be somewhat sparse
but I will be checking in and out and sneaking in a post here and there, when possible.

Taking vacations and having visitors put a major kabash on blogging!

This week, Nancy @ The Gift of a Moment
 offered up this lovely landscape from Israel for 

So many creative edits have already been submitted
that I found myself second guessing how I should proceed.
Maybe, in this scenario, it's better not to look before you leap!

I decided I should play around with the PSE effects tools for a change.
The only one I have ever used in the past has been the old paper tool which I love,
but I wanted to try some new ones.

In this edit I used the "spatter" and "glass" tools.  
I adjusted down the strengths in normal mode so each effect wasn't quite so bold.  
I cropped the image down and cloned out the extra branch on the right side.
Then, I added Anna's gorgeous 255 texture.  
Finally, to make the colors more brilliant, I saturated them and adjusted the contrast levels.

now here's an effect to feast your eyes on....

It's called "wave".
I cropped down the original to just the tree 
because it was the most interesting part with this effect applied to it.
The only adjustment I made was to saturate the colors a bit.

Nancy, thanks again, for giving us Creative License with your beautiful landscape!

There's still time to join the fun...
just click the image to enter!




  1. Welcome home. I hope you have a wonderful week with your Mom...

    Your edits are great and shows the many possibilities of processing a photograph...Thanks for using my picture. I have been amazed at the variety of editing of this photograph....It's been fun....

  2. Glad you had a nice vacay. Your edit is very cool. Love the effect and vibrant colors in the first one. The second edit is so interesting. I'm sure you'll get back on track with blogging soon. Enjoy your mom's visit. :)

  3. Welcome back - it's nice to be away and enjoy the change, see new Things and one another, even if the weather wouldn't be as sunny as one wished it to be. Enjoy the time with your mum - these visits are precious! Your glass-look-a-like is very special and beautiful! I haven't see that type effect before - lovely!

  4. I'm glad you had time to get away and enjoy yourself. It looks like you also had fun with the photo:-)

  5. WOW the Wave is an very cool effect, but I love your first edit more. Glad that the temperature didn't spoil your vacaction, welcome back!

  6. Loving the first one! That second one is psychedelic! Glad you enjoyed your vacation...hoping you left the warm weather for me ;) We leave on Friday! Have a great visit with your mom!

  7. i like the 'bathroom window glass' effect of the first one. :) enjoy your time with your mom!

  8. Both are very creative and make me want to go play with PSE! Not being home messes with both your photography and blogging! Sigh.

  9. WOW -- Wow -- softness and colorful and very creative!! Like it very much..

  10. Welcome back, Jill. I love how you treated the image with your first try. Like a Monet painting.

  11. Welcome back! Fun seeing your edits! Lovely!

  12. I really like your edit spatter and glass – the picture looks like it could be on an antique glass- quite an effect!

  13. I like that painting-like effect, it's wonderful!

    have a sweet day.


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