Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Perfect Tree

this tree and i
have a special relationship

we have greeted and waved to each other for over 30 years now
i call her the
perfect tree

there is a bit of dispute about who named this tree
i *distinctly* remember it was a friend of mine 
who pointed this tree out to me soon after moving to Atlanta

she and i were driving home from Atlanta to see our parents in North Carolina one weekend,
when we were both in our 20's, and she pointed this tree out to me.

a few years ago when i brought it up in conversation
she swears it was not her.
she says she knows nothing of any such tree.
so from that point forward 
i decided it would be considered
perfect tree

i always look for it whenever we drive this stretch of highway
which is quite a bit now since it takes us to our lakehouse

in fact,
 hubby cannot pass it either without acknowledging it.
 just yesterday, as we were nearing the
perfect tree
he told me i would be surprised to see it.

i said with a quizzical look,
how do you know something about my perfect tree, that i don't?
did i miss something last week when driving up to the lake?

so i pulled out my new iphone (which i love)  ready to snap a shot while going 70 mph
it approaches very quickly!

as it turns out
Georgia decided it was about time
to clean up the undergrowth surrounding my
perfect tree
 and i thank you very much for that, Georgia!
i guess i hadn't noticed this the week before
so if you ever travel the stretch of interstate 85 going north (it's more hidden going south) from Atlanta
right before you hit the South Carolina border
my perfect tree will be standing there
waiting to say hi to you!

if you look closely 
you will see a yellow ribbon adorning it
remember the old song
"tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree"?
well, someone took it seriously
it's been there for years!

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  1. It is a perfect tree! Especially with the yellow ribbon!

  2. Trees can be so personal, once you get to know them♫♪ Thanks for sharing your story about your special tree♥

  3. I love your story, and I love your tree!

  4. I love your perfect tree. When we lived in the desert in Southern CA we often would drive north to L.A. - and along the way we would greet the tree. Yes, that is right - THE tree. There was one tree, a Salt Cedar, on the way from the border near Mexico to L.A. - and we always had to stop and say hello.

  5. I too love your tree...I have a perfect tree as our trees!!

  6. She is indeed a perfect tree, and what a beautiful photograph this is, Jill.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Trees are very special to me. I grew up among tall, stately trees, so I certainly understand your being smitten with this tree. It is perfect!

  8. It is perfect! Beautiful sitting on that little hill. Your tree is lovely.

  9. You have a beautiful "perfect tree"....I have one too that sits on a corner on a busy street and every time I travel that road I look for my perfect tree. It always breaks my heart when I see a tree die or one that is destroyed by nature or man.

  10. Your beautiful "perfect tree" does seem to be perfect in every way and isn't it amazing how attached we get to certain things in life. I think they bring comfort and a sense of belonging.

    I grew up in a house my great grandfather built and the yard was full of these massive huge trees. I can remember watching them from the screen porch as a child and pretending all sorts of things...especially at night....

    Please remember to show us pictures when she is all dressed in her glory in spring.......


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