Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday's Movies & Music

i can't 
put my likes of music
into any specific category
i enjoy a wide range of music

but, you know those songs
that when you hear the first notes as it comes on the car radio
you have to turn up the volume?

well, this is one of mine...
Somebody That I Used to Know
by Gotye

and if you listen to the lyrics
they can ring so true
when it comes to break-ups

a partner with whom you have shared both love and intimacy
can become just "somebody that you used to know"

i love the artistry in this video, just don't get freaked out at the will be fine!
i especially like part when the female singer enters
and, hopefully, you won't think i'm too weird once you've watched and listened! :-)

so, tell me, what's one of your "turn up the volume" songs? 


  1. i cant ever explain my eclectic music choices or my movie likes either ... a turn up the volume for me would likely be in while driving with windows wide open playing an oldie station with something like The Pointer Sisters singing Its Raining Men

  2. Okay...this song ALWAYS makes me start bobbing my head when I'm in the car and it comes on the radio. Like a Bobble Head Doll with a Pavlovian response :)

  3. When I'm in my car, I pump up the volume and sing out loud “Aint No Mountain High Enough”. Love that song and the movie "Stephmom" with Susan Sarandon & Julia Roberts.

  4. I'm on my iPad while hubby is doing his bible study so I'll have to listen later. I'm intrigued! My music taste has always been hard rock (now Classic) and alternative/indie rock. But I really enjoy all types of music.

  5. I love this song too, and also have a wide range of musical likes. In days gone by, I loved to listen to Bob Seger when I was driving in my car.

  6. Haha! I love that one too but my son hates it. He says it is soooooo overplayed ;) He likes to think he is cooler than liking things everyone else does, lol! I like a wide range of things too from spa music to jazz to country to pop to rock...I just can't do rap. I can do some dance, just not rap.

  7. Growing up about 45 minutes from Myrtle Beach in the 60's, I guess I will never stop loving beach music such as the beach boys, etc.....It really depends on my mood as to what I listen to...I love classical and I like contemporary Christian.

  8. I've always loved this song and the video. Most of us can relate.. well to the song part. ;) Good choice.

  9. I think I chose my last car based solely on the stereo system! :-)
    It's gotta be loud enough to feel it.
    I liked this video.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Music is such a great expression of feelings. I loved this song, and video! Such creative artistry involved in the making of it.
    I love such a wide range of music also. The only music I find hard to tolerate is when they're all screaming their heads off & I can't understand a thing they're saying.


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