Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's Movies & Music

shall we dance

if you enjoy ballroom dancing as much as i do
you would probably love this movie
i admit, i'm a Dancing With the Stars fan
(my parents were ballroom dance teachers)

the plot is about a middle aged guy (Richard Gere)
who is intrigued by a woman (Jennifer Lopez) he sees standing in a dance studio window,
a studio his train passes each night on his way home from work
one night he gets off the train to meet her
yes, he's married, but it ends up that he falls in love with ballroom dancing instead

this particular scene 
makes my heart flutter each time i watch it!


  1. How fun for you, to have learned ballroom dancing. It really is so beautiful to watch.

  2. I had forgotten all about this movie but I loved it....This scene is so powerful and full of passion....

    You just never know what you are going to find out about someone....dancing parents...I think that must have been wonderful growing up in that environment.....and you know I have to ask you still dance?

  3. Ballroom dancing looks so beautiful. And yet, I have never done it and with these knees, probably won't ever!

  4. Yes!!!! I love this movie. If you look in the background for the ballroom dancers during the'll see a yount Karina Smirnoff and Tony Dovolani from DWTS!

  5. No one can ignore the tension and passion in this scene. Love the movie and If Richard Gere would ask me "Shall we dance?", I don't have to think twice to say YES!

  6. hi, I found you via Gail/Louisianna Belle. She is awesome. I love anything Richard Gere. I especially love him in "Runaway Bride"! I'm your newest follower. I follow fashion/style blogs and photographers; they go hand in hand. I wish I had a better photographer than myself for my posts.

  7. Oh I do love this movie...may have to go rent it again. Richard Gere gets better with age and his dancing is sigh.....!!!

  8. I loved that movie! I didn't know your parents were ballroom dance teachers! Lucky!!

  9. Yikes! Flutter, flutter! So glad I did stop by

  10. I too loved that movie! Always wish I could dance like that!

  11. Well, I have two left feet and no rhythm unless I'm bopping around in my chair! So sad. I remember seeing parts of this movie. I love Richard Gere but J Lopez, not so much. Anyway, it was a sweet story from what I can remember.


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