Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday's Movies & Music

I had it all picked out and written for today, but then things changed.  
I had seen snippets, but none of them called my name to come take a seat for two and half hours; therefore, today's selection 
came as a huge surprise for taking a place as one of my all-time favorites in both movie and music categories.


the sadness
yanked at my heartstrings

the talent
overwhelmed me

the lyrics
spoke with crafted poignancy

and by the end
the characters had chiseled
themselves into my soul

in the classic

i tried to find a video clip
of the scene that caused tears to stream down my face uncontrollably
but this was the only one i found

a montage of scenes 
beautifully interwoven 

I Dreamed a Dream

i had heard this song a multitude of times
prior to seeing the movie
but the words were lifeless
until I met the character, Fantine

I believe her performance of this one song
is what won the Oscar for Anne Hathaway

*side notes:  1. I think Huge Jackman should have won Best Actor over Daniel Day Lewis
2. If you have not yet seen this movie and plan to, unless you have a good sound system and a wide screen tv, 
I suggest you go to the movie theatre to experience it at its best.



  1. Oh, I must watch this! Anne H is really very good.

  2. Beautiful post!! Loved the video.

  3. The only movie we've seen in a long time is Argo and we really enjoyed it. I have such a hard time sitting through a movie at the theatre with thoughts of other things I'd rather be doing, so this one will have to wait for home viewing.

  4. I have never seen this movie or the broadway show. I have it on my to-do list for sure now! I know my hubby will NEVER see it with me so I guess it will be a solo night for me! Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. We had seen this on broadway years ago and couldn't wait for the arrival of the movie....You are so right about this scene with Ann Hathaway...a real tear jerker. I think the entire cast were perfect for their parts....Great movie and a must see...

  6. my husband, a truly sensitive man, cried openly during that song ... Anne nailed it .. i would quibble that while Hugh was wonderful but that Daniel was Lincoln at least for me ..

  7. Have you ever seen it on stage? THAT is how it should be seen in my opinion. Liked the movie tons...ADORE it on stage tho. Anne Hathaway was brilliant as Fantine, kudos to her :)

  8. This looks like a feast for the eyes and ears. I have not seen it, but this might sway me to. If it's a musical, I might not be able to sit through it though. :/

  9. Wonderful post and video, Jill.
    Thank you for sharing!


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