Friday, March 8, 2013

Creative License Friday

i know many of us 
love to play around with our own images
we can spend hours doing so
um...maybe too many
but, have you ever
wondered how another photographer
might process your image?

i certainly have

i thought
 it would be fun
to play around once a week
with someone else's image
to let them see all the creativity 
that can be had with one image

i know Pioneer Woman has done this in the past
and I've run across a couple of other blogs that have also done it
but I want to try it out here
with my fellow photogs
plus whoever else is willing!

so, i'll start it off
by giving you one of my own images
and giving you creative license to
 go play with it!


my process

Processing Steps
1. Kim Klassen "Daisy" texture @ 55% Overlay
2. Red Photo Filter applied @25%
3. PSE Old Paper Effect applied @ 35% Soft Light
5. Kim Klassen "Anna" texture applied @ 38% Overlay
6.  Decreased Master Saturation to -51
7.  In Picasa, I added the text (I find Picasa is much quicker and easier for simple text)


now, that i've done my thing
i'm handing it over to you
you will have an entire week to play around
and link up below

Have Fun!
if you would like to share your processing steps
feel free to do so, but it's not necessary

i look forward to seeing this image through your eyes and creativity!

in the comments,
please let me know who would be willing to cough up next Friday's image!

thanks for playing along!

 * just right click the original image and click "save image as" to copy & paste to your computer *
for those of you who have iMacs and are having a problem right clicking,
there is a setting for your mouse to be able to right click.  
go to Launchpad, then System Preferences, then Mouse and check "Secondary Click" and "Click on Right Side"


  1. Oh, I really like your edit already. This sounds like fun, though. I may have to come back when I am on my desktop (I'm on my laptop) and play along :) I might be willing to cough up an image...I'd have to find one! I'll let you know for sure! Hugs.

  2. Well this is a great idea....I will give it a go and offer up an image as well. Let me know.
    Off to alter now! Ha!

  3. This sounds like tons of fun and as you know I love processing images as well....I will be glad to offer an image when needed....Now off to have fun with your image...Have a great weekend....

  4. awesome idea ... btw picmonkey is even easier for text and has more options than picasa

  5. This is a great idea! I was just thinking the other day that Pioneer Woman hasn't had a photo contest in a long while. I used to love participating in those. Your edit on this beautiful goldfinch is perfect. Don't know that I could do any better. I will star this post so I can come back to it. I am off to the swamps again. Where else, right? lol Have a good day and weekend, Jill!

  6. I had a bit of fun trying something that has always amused me when others do it but I've never tried before. I used Photoshop and a couple of other images for parts. ;)

  7. I like your photograph already and the edited version too. so what exactly more can one do? I can't think of anything at the moment. I usually change the tone/color and sometimes remove some minor thing that might make the photo better. now if you presented us with an unlikable or image full of stuff, then I would know what to do but that bird shot is just fine without anything. will have to think on that.

    good photo challenge though. have a great day.

    1. So nice to see you! You must be a purist when it comes to photography and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love a straight out of the camera shot as much as I love all the artistic options that are out there to enhance images. It can be from just cropping an image to saturating colors or making it a striking black & white. Or adding textures, creating an HDR image, a vintage look or overlapping images...the edits are limitless. When I browse other photographer's images, it inspires me to open up the possibilities of images. Hence, this challenge.

  8. Hermoso trabajo, me encanta! Muy bueno tu blog y tu propuesta. Abrazos desde Argentina.

  9. What a neat idea, Jill, and I love this photograph!

  10. That is not fair, I ended up spending 20 minutes looking at both and find that both are fairly amazing. This is a very interesting exercise.

  11. Your photography is already beautiful, but these processing ideas inspired me to full my craetivity. Love it, and I'll be your newest follower.

    Until next time,

  12. This is a lovely promt! I'd love to join, I hope You can keep the link open until tonight ... I'll grab your picture and see how my processing ends up with!

  13. I added my humble attempt. :-) Forgot to crop the image when I linked it to your page. Thanks for the challenge!

  14. I just discovered Creative License Friday and want to thank you for the opportunity to participate. I enjoy editing photos and sometimes wonder what someone else would do with my photo, so I would be willing to supply a photo for the challenge when needed. I had fun figuring out what to do with your photo, and look forward to future postings. Once again, thank you : )

  15. Argh! I'm so far behind on my blog reading that I didn't see this until now, thanks to Gail! I've been needing more motivation/reasons to learn about layers and textures, so I'm going to try to do this. The only thing...on my Mac, right clicking doesn't work. I can drag it and save it that way, but if you know a good Mac shortcut, let me know!

  16. You have a gorgeous blog! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this fantastic meme.

  17. I am joining in today -- sorry I bit late -- but I think this will be huge amount of fun and challenge -- and I am up to that! Enjoy how you used the texture around the bird and how it all fits well together with the quote -- pretty and the bird how you captured it is wonderful.. I am off to link you to my site..

  18. Okay - had to replace the one image I had up earlier of the sweet face of a girl but her Mommy decided she rather not have her daughter's face out there on the internet and I respect that - so hope this new image you'll like just as much - well close anyway wink!!


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