Friday, March 15, 2013

Creative License Friday #2

welcome back, friends
to our second week of

i can't tell you how thrilled i was
with all the positive feedback and submissions
for the first week of CLF!

i guess i'm not the only one
who has wondered how someone else
might enhance our own images!

i would like to take this opportunity 
to welcome seven new faces to SWCC!
Deanna, Barbara, Cathy, Kerrie, Nina, Kristeen, and Sherry
all of whom found their way here via my dear blog peeps
and participated in our first week's prompt!
if you haven't checked out their beautiful blogs and photography, just click on their names!

since Cathy is one of our new faces
and quickly offered to provide us an image, i accepted!

(i had several other volunteers as well, and thank you for that, 
i will contact one of you this coming week for our next image.  
also, anyone else interested in volunteering, just leave a comment below.
 that way i can create a volunteer bank to select from! )
Cathy chose an image she has had for awhile,
but has been unsure of what to do, to enhance it.
it's a stunning image straight out of the camera
and a wonderful image to challenge all of us.
 she will be submitting her own edit in the link-up


Isn't it beautiful?  
Thank you, Cathy, for sharing it with us!

Now that you have seen this week's challenge,
but before you go off and play (i can hear those cogs turning!),
I asked Cathy a few questions about her photography earlier this week.
This is what she had to say:
It's been eight years since Cathy bought her first digital camera.
She bought it with the intention of using in the classroom with her students,
but once she started using it, everything became fair game as a subject, and she hasn't slowed down since.
She uses only one camera which is the Canon Rebel T2i
She finds her Canon Zoom EF-S 55-250 lens to be her favorite.  It allows her to
take photos of subjects that aren't close enough to capture with her 50mm and it also creates great bokeh.
Nature tends to be her favorite subject to shoot, mainly trees.
Living in beautiful Northern California, Mt. Diablo and the Oakland Hills Redwoods are
a couple of places she likes visiting for nature photos
The Photo-Editing Programs Cathy mainly uses are:
Photoshop Elements, Silver Efex Pro2, Rad Lab, Topaz Simplify and PicMonkey
When it comes to editing, Cathy wishes there were PC-based programs, such as Instagram,
that offer more abstract edits.  For now, she will continue to work on using
layers to add more artistic details to her photos and see where that leads.  She feels that
participating in CLF challenges will also help her along this journey.

Thank you, Cathy, for answering those questions 
and sharing a little bit about your photography with us!

Now, shoo....and go have some fun!

*Note:  To copy to your computer, just right click the original image, then click "save image as".  
For Mac users, if you have a problem right-clicking, there is a mouse setting on your computer 
that needs to be checked in order to right-click.  Any problems, just contact me, I can always email a copy.

The link-up will be open all week!


  1. That is a beautiful image. I look forward visiting all these ladies when I get back!

  2. love the image already but I might play with it. looking forward to see what others will do with it.

    have a great day.

  3. oh this looks fun, I think I will join in next week!

  4. Jill, thank you for the opportunity to share this photo with others to see how they will edit it. Today is turning into freaky friday, so I will probably post my picture late this evening or tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to learning something new this week from all the photographers and editors who post : )

  5. What a fun photo to play with! But Jill, you stole my idea, lol!!! I was thinking of something similar to highlight that heart shape in the rock. This one should be a ton of fun. Hope to get to it sometime next week. Can't wait to see all the submissions. :)

  6. jill, I don't have flickr so I couldn't comment over there but I like your simple take.

    thanks for this new challenge. have a great day.

  7. I love heart and I spy one in the photo that has been chosen for this Friday.. Okay I am off to try making a wonderful addition!!! And if you run out of photos let me know I'd be willing to submit one.. Hugs

  8. What fun to see how others edit the same photo!

  9. This is beautiful, I love, love love, the red heart!

  10. So many possibilities for this already wonderful image!

  11. Another beautiful image to edit! I look forward of coming back in Sunday to see all the creative versions of Cathy's original photo!

  12. thanx for hosting this beautiful party! :)

  13. Thanks for this...I am having great fun!!

  14. Cathy provided a lovely image and I can see that so many creative ideas have been born from it. I'm anxious to see what everyone else will do.

  15. did nobody see the ehart in the rock? It´s really cool.

  16. Good day to you Jill! Thank you for such a warm welcome :) YOU, my new friend, are such a delight to chat with. Thanks for the help you sent me via email. I picked up quite a few helpful tips from that video. Because of you and your magnificent meme I feel alive again. Fridays can't come quick enough. Having something to look forward to each week is the best! There's so many talented people out there. I love looking at all the edits of the same photograph and how unique and special each and every one is. I hope you have had a splendid weekend. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Hope the week ahead brings you lots of good times and abundant blessings. Bye for now, Kerrie xOx


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