Tuesday, February 12, 2013

how many pancakes can a girl devour?

being a jewish girl
i didn't know a thing about pancake day
i had never even heard of shrove tuesday
that is
until i married a protestant englishman

so when the first shrove tuesday rolled around
about a year after we were married
i was in for an unexpected treat
that has become a yearly tradition

i know
i could have pancakes 
throughout the year
and sometimes i do
but they're never my hubby's english pancakes
for some reason
we only make them
on shrove tuesday
which was tonight
i've been salivating all day

english pancakes are very thin
like crepes

you roll them up like this

you pour gobs of syrup over them
and for some reason your fingers end up all sticky no matter how careful you are

and you stuff as many of them in your gob (mouth) as humanly possible

until next year 


and the answer to this post's title is...
now, that might not sound like much
but that pan you see up above is huge
my second pancake almost went over the edges
and i'm sure you can relate to how pancakes can somehow
transform themselves into a cannon balls after they're consumed


100 / 2013 / Prompt #15


  1. I don't know a thing about shrove tuesday but I can tell you girlfriend, these pancakes look delicious...I must try doing my pancakes real thin and rolling them like you have shown here....I love new ways of doing things.....

  2. We grew up eating flapjacks, or at least that's what our parents called them. Being of German heritage, I imagine that's the history behind these delicious thin crepe-like delights. We would sprinkle sugar on them, roll them up, and eat as many as possible. Oh man, they are so good. It makes me want some right now:-)

  3. These photos make me wish I'd married a Protestant Englishman!

  4. Now I wish I'd had pancakes for dinner. YUM!

  5. Sounds yummy...I love pancakes

  6. Jill, I've never heard of these, but I've also never met a pancake I didn't love, and these look sinfully delicious!!

  7. Oh my gosh, those pancakes look divine. Crepes are so delectable and these do remind me of them. What a treat! Beautifully photographed too!

  8. this jewish girl still hasn't had shrove tuesday pancakes and now i am jonzing for one ... pancakes, any pancakes, seem to magically expand exponentially once devoured .. are they filled with anything or are they 'just' (and seriously the word 'just' and the word pancake in one sentence seems wrong) batter and topped with syrup? i prefer my pancakes plain or with berries in the batter .. then i can tell myself they aren't all that bad for me .. i lie to myself all the time .. i hope i never catch on ;)

  9. We make crepes with orange syrup. OMG to die for! I have passed on, to my kids, the scrumptious tradition of putting peanut butter on our pancakes.

  10. Oye! Love IT!

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

  11. (delicious sigh)
    pure yumminess:)

  12. Oh how delicious! My grandparents came from Sweden, and we used to make these at home and call them Swedish pancakes. I guess they're so good everybody claims them. Love your photos!


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