Monday, February 4, 2013

Feathered Portraits ~ The Downy Woodpecker (Pete)

Pete's a picky eater

and with the price of food these days
beggars should not be choosers
but what do they care...
i think they know the food fairy will keep coming!


Feathered Portrait #6


  1. Oh I just love that little spot of red in the midst of all that black and white.

  2. Pete is just adorable!
    Wonderful photographs of him, Jill.

  3. Ha! Food fairy. That's what I am too! Love your shots of Pete. That little cap of red is so sweet. Is that snow in the last one?

  4. He's just cleaning out any hulls and bad parts! Pete wouldn't waste food!

  5. So cute! We have those food fairies around here, too, and they're wearing our clothes.


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