Friday, February 15, 2013

Close Encounters of the Presidential Kind

hubby and i spent the day together yesterday
nothing special was intended 
other than going about business activities
and having a valentine's day lunch together

that is
until we noticed a hightened police presence along the interstate
which reminded us the President was coming to town

not knowing the supposed timing of his arrival
but being we weren't far from Dobbins Air Force Base
the air strip where Air Force One always lands
we decided to take a little detour from our intended route
just in case

approaching the air force base and stopped at a traffic light
i heard a rumbling of a plane coming from beside us
i looked up and whoa!

i scrambled for my dear Nikon that was still in my bag
please, please don't fail me now!

thank goodness i had enough time
unfortunately, though, my settings were all off, and the ones i took in the car came out over exposed
i did tweak this one a little for color, but i couldn't get "United States of America" to come up

i got chills i was so excited!
 the telephone poles tell you how close we were!

of course, we couldn't leave now
since we were in eyesight of it all

so, we pulled over to watch it taxi back up the runway
after it landed

and then it turned back toward the base

we felt pretty confident about the route the motorcade
would probably take back to the interstate
so we drove in that direction

we were correct in our assumption
vehicles were already backed up
as we approached the expected route

people were turning around
allowing us to move forward enough
to pull off in a parking lot
and we walked the rest of the way

we were able to get right up to the intersection to watch

here comes the procession

then came some secret service cars 
and then...
these two with the flags
one of which carried you know who
(i was really expecting a limo) 

this secret service car had its tailgate up
i was too busy clicking to turn and see why, as it passed

and then it was over
the parking lot we were in was a Cracker Barrel
so we decided it was time for some chow

several of the officers came in as well 
and were seated next to us
 we started talking to one of them
and he, too, was surprised there was no limo

we went about our day
not expecting any more presidential encounters
but, as luck would have it
we were stopped at a stoplight in another area of the city
when look what appeared
and circled for a few minutes
right in front of us
we were approaching the entrance ramp to the interstate to take us back to our part of town

and we rubbed shoulders again!

what are the chances!

hubby and i were giddy for the rest of the day

have you ever had a close encounter of the presidential kind? 


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  1. Don't you just love a day of of surprises and Valentine's Day to boot.....

    It's just so funny that you were just in the right place at the right time twice....Thanks for sharing your close encounters with us....

  2. Whoa! Extreme encounter of the awesome kind :). My dad was a cop on DC, and my mom a Congressional secretary when I was young. I learned how to tell my right from my left by when we drove down Pennsylvania Avenue which way we turned when approaching the White House. Never saw a president t in person tho :(

  3. Oh, how exciting for you all! Such wonderful photos, too!

    We used to live in the Washington, DC metro area, and we actually had a face-to-face encounter with (then) President Bill Clinton. I had gone to pick up my husband from the small Army base where he was working that day, and I had along with me our nearly one year old daughter. Clinton used to use that same base to run his daily runs, and we actually got to meet him that afternoon. My husband and I were walking down the steps towards the parking lot, when all of a sudden Clinton jogged around the corner. We stopped of course, and chit chatted for a bit. He took our daughter and held her and introduced himself to her (she was less than impressed!) before shaking our hands and heading back to the White House. We were pretty surprised and excited, too!

    I bet y'all must've been floating on air all day yesterday (and some today)!

  4. Aw I still remember the blurr that was a campaigning JFK motorcade! Of course here in Honolulu we have Barack home every Christmas. Nice guy, good kids. Works out with the US Marines on base every morning. . . . your shots TOTALLY beat mine of Air Force 1 carrying Michelle and the girls back to DC one year the President had to leave early.....Exciting post!

    Wishing YOU
    a happy weekend from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  5. These are great shots!!!
    Well done

  6. Great shots. I have never been that close to anybody important in the world of politics.

  7. Great shots. We had the presidential motorcade shut down the interstate as we traveled to New Orleans last year. A bunch of unhappy campers. :/

  8. Great photos! He came to Westport, CT for a $35,000 a plate campaign fund raiser before the November 2012 election. His motorcade was on I95 during rush hour. I was in the area at the time, but I managed to "get out of Dodge" before the massive gridlock happened.

  9. Fantastic captures of your presidential encounter. I'm in awe our shots!

  10. Wow, great photos and cool story! I shook President Clinton's hand once when he spoke at my brother's West Point graduation. It was a crazy couple of minutes with people shouting "Mr. President!" and "Bill!" and squeezing in as he walked along a fence.

  11. Awesome! And I love that you seized the moment and followed to check it all out! You can tell your grandchildren in the future!

  12. This is very exciting! Lucky you! For a fast-moving event you got a lot of good shots. It was fun to see the progression of your encounter.

    I visited D.C. some years ago for a convention and was next to the White House when Bill Clinton came out and boarded "his" helicopter on the lawn. It surprised me how excited I was to have seen that. (Visiting from Weekly Top Shot.)

  13. Even though I'm not much of a fan - I'm sure it would be exciting to see a president - or at least his plane - up close and personal. Good for you!

  14. How exciting and fabulous that you caught President Obama's jet coming in... that so cool! I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #70!

  15. How awesome is that?!! So exciting!

  16. Laura Bush stayed at the same condos as we did in Port Aransas one year. Secret Service everywhere and a motorcade coming and going like the one you saw. All of those identical black Suburbans. I think that's to throw off which one the VIP is riding on. A limo could be a target. Sad, isn't it? Great shots (and timing!)

  17. Great shots - love the first one with the plane so close!

  18. Hi....just popping by from another blog where you left your comment that you were a bird enthusiast. I am learning about photographing birds around my area, and I thought I'd stop by. NOW this is one fantastic 'bird'!!! I met and shook hands with Pres. Obama [at his first campaign --before he was elected.] How exciting. That one photo of the plane just above the wires is just too awesome for words!!! You should sell that to a newspaper or magazine. I bet they'd pay big bucks for that one.

    Nice to meet you.

  19. WOW...what an amazing serendipitous moment you captured here. So thrilling..and such a wonderful way in which to tell the story.

  20. Wow -- that is so absolutely exciting! Fabulous. I'd be giddy too. Your whole story is told so well and I'd be thrilled beyond belief to have gotten those pictures.

  21. What an exciting day, and you got some great shots, Jill!

  22. "Hi Barack ! ..."
    Fantastic serie !
    Best regards from Paris,


  23. What a fabulous day - and great shots. It is a bit scary though - at what an easy target that plane is - scares me silly whenever I think of it. What sad times that we have to have such security - but I'm glad we have it when we need it. I'm glad your day was so special.


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