Wednesday, January 2, 2013


After much deliberation 
i decided my word for 2013 is

T  R  Y

short and sweet
but packed full of opportunities

from things i've never done
to things i've thought about doing

having just had another birthday
the timing couldn't be better

so when someone or something comes along this year
that offers an opportunity for trying something new
i'll give it my best shot

and if you've been following me throughout my blogging adventures
you've probably noticed my posts have been somewhat lacking over the past several months

in an effort to "try" and stay focused on my photography
i've given myself a list of 100 word prompts
(which might possibly have been as difficult coming up with, as it will be trying to apply them)
that you can find 
the numbered order has no significance
i will tic them off throughout the year 
as i find suitable photo opportunities
i will "try" and capture two new prompts each week!

100 / 2013 / Prompt #1:

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