Monday, January 28, 2013

Feathered Portraits ~ The Northern Cardinal (Annie)

the straight out of the camera images of this beauty
 could easily have held their own
as you can see below
believe it or not, the shots were taken through a glass door!

but since this series is of portraitures 
i needed to enhance the background
to make it more like she was sitting for a portrait
so i chose this Rembrant looking texture
which seemed to suit her quite well!

if you are confused by the name Annie,
i have decided to name my portraits
since, well, they are portraits
and should be named.
(and she looks like an Annie to me.  in fact, i think i'll go back and name the others)

i'm still on the search for a close-up shot
of her striking male counterpart.
he's around but much more camera shy.
(as like their human counterpart!)

Feathered Portrait #4

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