Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feathered Portrait ~ The Mourning Dove (Eddie)


he sat there
all plump
confident looking

even though his mate
would not join in

further down the branch
she sat
looking on

obviously a couple,
wherever one went
the other followed

but today
distance came between them
when they roosted

even love birds
have spats


Feathered Portrait #2

 ~ and ~

100 / 2013 / Prompt #8


  1. This is Beautiful! I LOVE MOURNING DOVES!
    We had a family last year. It was so beautiful watching the parents take care of the baby. How angry and sad the day I found, I believe, what was left of the mother after a hawk swooped in. But baby grew up and carried on.
    Here's to keeping the feeders full and the bird baths filled with fresh water!
    Happy Valentines Day. via Lisa Gordons iandI

  2. Thanks for the great insight into taking excellent shots


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