Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Whiter Shade of Pale


White is snow falling on the ground.

It's clouds in the blue sky.

And foam that splashed on ocean shores.

It's the splendor of flowers blooming.

It's the richness of pearls.

It's the robe of the angels.

It's the pale morning sky.

It's the majesty of a wild stallion.

Yet the beauty of a young mare.

It's a crisp winter's chill.

It's as sweet as vanilla.

White is purity and radiance.

It's clarity and peace.

It cannot be angered.

It's the mystery of the moon.

It has the youth of a newborn foal.

Yet it is ageless.

It's the softness of a pillow.

And as smooth as silk.

It has the brilliance of lightning.

It's as enduring as true love.

It cannot be easily overpowered.

It's the light that shines from the heavens.

It is never negative.

It's encouraging and will stand by you.

White is both power and love.

 ~ author ~

100 / 2013 / Prompt #3

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