Thursday, September 13, 2012

they had heard....

if they tip-toed
as quietly as they could

and took their seats
upon the dewy ground
without making any noise

nature's orchestra
would play beautiful symphonies
every morning
 as the sun made its way into the sky


  1. such beautiful light and composition, Jill! And I love your words that go with them. Perfect!

  2. I agree with Barbara: great use of light. Beautiful flowers and words. Nature's orchestra indeed!

  3. Just gorgeous! I can hear the music!

  4. Exquisite beauty! Love the color and dof here. And - I'd been wondering who 'she who carries a camera' is. Now - I know!!! :-)! Thanks for your sweet comments...

  5. i wish all the flowers could stay a bit seems as if mums have taken over the planet lately.....and darn, it just seems too early for that !!

  6. Your images are absolutely beautiful Jill. Love the new blog. Following you now.


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